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Bert de Jong <bdejong67@...>

RE: name adoption list in Groningen

Sadly the name adoptionlist for Groningen is not online, but only to be seen
in the archive in Groningen.
More online name adoption lists for The Netherlands are on Familysearch, or

More Mohel books, burial books:
And Amsterdam and Surinam Portugese/Isr:

The website for civil records in Groningen:
For Friesland:
For Drenthe:

Or which has the information >from these websites as well
also much information can be found on

Jewish history in Groningen:
Jewish cemeteries in Groningen:
and the database:

For Jewish victims of WW2:

Het Stenen Archief at: has many picturs and
information on many Jewish cemeteries in The Netherlands. Just click on the
map, and the cities appear, select the city and you will find the database
for the cemetery.

Regards, Bert de Jong <>

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