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Barbara Algaze

The booklet, Emigranten Adressbuch für Shanghai
( Addressbook for [Jewish] Shanghai emigrants)
is searchable online via the US Holocaust Museum:

Address directory of c. 1,000 Jewish emigres living in Shanghai, China in
late 1939. Most are >from Austria or Germany. Refugees are cross-listed by
last name and profession. Pages 16-127 contain alphabetical listings by last
name. Entries include place of origin, profession, and Shanghai street
address. Pages 129-149 list emigres alphabetically by profession. Entries
include local Shanghai address and telephone number, where applicable, and
occasionally company name. (n.b. Persons listed under professions are also
listed alphabetically on pages 16-127.)

It is a 1995 reprint of the original 1935 issue

Barbara Algaze, Algaze3@... Los Angeles, California

Raphael Thurm <littletalmid@...> wrote:
I am researching my maternal great-grandparents, Herbert TEMPELBERG
and Lili BRIE, who survived the Holocaust by emigrating to Shanghai in
1939, where they lived until 1948. Are there any online resources or
databases available that can help me find any documentation regarding them?

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