German SIG #Germany Project No. 3: Wuerttemberg Family Registers #germany

Roger Lustig

Dear all:

Yet another project. This one's for people who can deal with fairly ugly
records in German handwriting, and for people who would like to set up
spreadsheets for others to complete. It's larger than the others I just

Wuerttemberg is renowned among genealogists for its carefully-kept
family registers. On one sheet, one can find the dates & places of
birth, marriage and death of the head of household and spouse(s); the
names of the parents of each one; and the names of the children, along
with their dates of birth, etc. and possibly a cross-reference to the
sheet for the family that *they* established. Emigration is often noted,
as well. The ones in question were kept for most of the 19thC and into
the 20th; and some of the heads of household were born well before 1750.

The Baden-Wuerttemberg collection of Gatermann films--the first one to
appear on line--contains over 150 registers of this kind >from over 70
localities. Some of them duplicate others, but in the interest of
maximum legibility, I think it's best to index them all. Since these are
Gatermann films, there are no originals left to check.

As with the Hessen Gatermann project, I propose making a short index,
i.e., not transcribing most of the detailed information. Here's what I
think we should capture:


--item number in the collection

--image and/or sheet number

--Role (husband, wife, 2nd wife, etc.)

--For heads of households and spouses:

----Given name and surname

----Year and town of birth

Many if not most of these communities were relatively small, meaning
that users of the index will want to check several, if not all the
sheets in a set, because it's generally likely that people with the same
surname were in fact of the same family. That's why indexing the parents
ought to be sufficient. (If we were doing everyone on a sheet, the
project would take years and years.)

This is another project where people who can't read the handwriting can
contribute by entering the first 4 items on the list above, and
otherwise setting up an entry grid.

Here is a spreadsheet containing a list of registers and an example of
the index.

Please email me at this address if you'd like to participate.

Roger LustigĀ  Princeton, NJ USA - research coordinator, GerSIG

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