German SIG #Germany Project No. 3 (Wuerttemberg): an update #germany

Roger Lustig

Dear all:

The Wuerttemberg family-register indexing project is well underway! As I
mentioned before, you don't need to read ugly old German script to be of
assistance here, so come and volunteer.

Since my last posting, I've noticed that has in fact done
an indexing project of its own that deals with Wuerttemberg family
registers. I believe our project is even more important as a result, for
several reasons.

a) The index does not include mention of a person's religion.

b) It is by no means complete, and sometimes includes town records,
sometimes those for a single church. Only 12 of the ca. 75 communities
in our project are represented there at all, and entries for those 12
may or may not include Jewish records.

c) whoever organized it has a very poor grasp of political geography.
For instance: the rubric "Oa," meaning "Oberamt" (an older word for
"Kreis") becomes the town of "Oa" that pops up all over the Kingdom.
This is like saying your Russian ancestors came >from Gubernia.
Similarly, the town of Weil im Dorf becomes "im Dorf u. Weil," i.e., two
places, one of them a prepositional phrase.

Now, the quality of the registers is excellent, and, once
our index is in place, it may be advisable to use those to glean all the
information that the registrars in their day were able to report on one
page. I recommend using them, but I would not be confident in any
results of their indexing.

I'm also not sure exactly which registers were preserved on the films used for the ancestry transcriptions. As far as I
know, there are no Jewish-only registers beyond those preserved in the
Gatermann films.

As ever, all comments, queries and amplifications are welcome.

Roger Lustig  Princeton, NJ USA  research coordinator, GerSIG

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