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Roger Lustig

Dear all:

Since some of you may not be at all familiar with the sources of the
records we're indexing, I'm going to propose some individual items that
one or more people can work on.

Here's the first one:

Ellrich (Saxony) Family Register

One pair of pages per family. About 70 families.

Indexing involves noting the image and page numbers, then surname, given
and maiden names for each person; place of origin if given; role (Head
of household, wife, etc.); years of birth, marriage, death. Since we
hope to link to the images, we don't need every last detail for an index.

Handwriting is Roman cursive, generally with excellent penmanship. Any
bits in German script are either irrelevant or can be learned in 5
minutes--basically the words for "son," "daughter," etc. And you're
welcome to highlight any cells where you're not sure what to put in.

I've done the first 15 families, so there will be plenty of examples to

The only trick: the records are in a strange order: all the left-hand
pages, followed by the right-hand pages in reverse order. Fortunately,
the right-hand pages contain only the dates of death and burial (we're
not indexing the latter) plus any remarks (also not to be indexed). So
it's entirely feasible to do the left-hand pages first, then add the
last column (plus image number).

Who wants to try? If you do 5 families a day, you'll be done in a little
over a week.

Thanks in advance, Roger Lustig, GerSIG Research Director

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