German SIG #Germany Using 19th century Vienna databases to identify Moritz STEINER #germany

David Dubin <davidmdubin@...>

Hi all,

An ancestor Moriz/Moritz STEINER reportedly lived in Vienna in 1861.
(His son's marriage record states that the groom's parents, Moriz &
Maria, were in Vienna at the time.) Using the Vienna cemetery
database, I found six people by that name whose dates fit.

How can I find the inscriptions on the stones? I would like to see the
Hebrew names and other pertinent information that may lead to my
identifying one of them as my ancestor.

Is there a register of deaths that might have spouses' names, parents'
names or other identifiers?

I am new to Vienna genealogy and any help would be appreciated.

Thank you, David Dubin, Teaneck, NJ

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