German SIG #Germany Connecting the WEILERS of Oberhausen (Wallhalben) and Steinbach am Glan #germany


Several JewishGenners have connections to ancestors named WEILER,
one branch of which lived in Oberhausen and the other in Steinbach
am Glan (both in the Pfalz). So far, we have been unable to find
a definitive connection, even though the Oberhausen WEILERS married
into the TRIEFUS (TREIFUS) family, also of Steinbach am Glan.
We recently confirmed that, among the several "Oberhausens" that
exist in this area, the definitive origin town for the Oberhausen
branch is the one that was later incorporated into the municipality
of Wallhalben. We are interested in hearing >from others who know
about Oberhausen, Wallhalben or Steinbach am Glan, and who may have
connections or information about the WEILERs. Our goal is to see if
we can find a link between these two branches.

(Note that the MAY or MAI family also married into the WEILER family
several times.)

Michael Tuteur

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