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Alex Calzareth

The German-Jewish Special Interest Group (GerSIG) is excited to
announce that our new website is now available at . This website builds upon the excellent
work of the late Arthur Obermayer, one of our SIG's founding

The new website focus has a geographic focus meaning that resources
are organized by state/province, district and town. To get started
click on the name of the province/state on the left side of the home
page. You can also find a list of towns at . We are
still working to complete a comprehensive list of the thousand of
towns and cities within Germany that once had Jewish communities so
the website is very much a work in progress.

All information >from the old website has been transferred over and new
information has been added. An overview of the website's pages can be
found on our site map at

We need your help to build up the resources on our new site. Please
consider filling out our resource survey at to provide information on
websites, books, archival resources and other publications for the
towns that you are researching. If you have more than a handful of
resources, please download the Excel template at and send it back to me at We also welcome any step-by-step instructional
guides or long-form articles.

Alex Calzareth. GerSIG Webmaster

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