German SIG #Germany Warsaw Conference: Vital records from Posen and Silesia #germany

Joachim Mugdan

Dear all,

My presentation "Vital records >from the former Prussian provinces of Posen
and Silesia" complements Roger Lustig's "Researching the Jews of Prussian
Poland". You can download the revised handout (PDF) and the PowerPoint
presentation (PPSX, 26 MB) >from https://tinyurl/warsaw-jm; the password is
the beginning of the folder name next to the cloud symbol (5 letters, all

**The files are intended for your personal use as a conference
participant and/or GerSIG member. Neither the files nor the
link to them may be passed on to non-members of GerSIG or
published elsewhere in any form without my consent.

Joachim Mugdan, Basel, Switzerland JGFF Researcher 5749

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