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Mike Redel <redel.mike@...>

Dear gersigs,

I hope you could help me.

Erna ZOREK was born in Breslau 22 March 1923 to Alfred and Frieda FREUND.

from Febr 1941 to Jul 1942 she lived in the old peoples home in Unna.
It could be that Erna had the Down Syndrome an was sterilized (in Unna
?). After July 1942 Erna go back to Breslau. Alfred, Frieda and Erna
were deported to Auschwitz 04-Mar-1943.

Auschwitz and a list Shows no
informations >from Alfred, Frieda and Erna.

When not Auschwitz - where are they.

Regards, Mike Redel, Unna - Germany

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