German SIG #Germany Request for help finding information on Michael ABRAHAM, nephew of Hedwig and Alfred JULIUSBURGER (Holocaust victims). #germany

Alexander Watson <a.watson.genas@...>

Dear All,
Whilst searching for information on the JULIUSBURGER family, last
known residence, Holzmarkt Strasse 65, Berlin, I came across what
appears to be a photo of them on "The List of Deportation >from Berlin"
database section of the YAD VASHEM website,(search request;
JULIUSBURGER Hedwig: photo name; p39855). I asked the correspondant
there for more information and she told me that the photo had been
posted in 2006 by a man called Michael ABRAHAM. The correspondant
indicated to me that Mr ABRAHAM is, or perhaps was, the nephew of
Hedwig JULIUSBURGER, who was born Hedwig ABRAHAM, in Allenstein,
Eastern Prussia (now Olstyn, Poland) on 3 Steptember 1897. Hedwig's
husband, Alfred JULIUSBURGER, born in Breslau, (Now Wroclaw, Poland)
on 13 November 1892 was the son of Isidor and Martha JULIUSBURGER.
This means that I have a link to these people via other, living,
members of my family.
I have no other information on Michael ABRAHAM, unfortunately. As
ever, I would be extremely grateful for help in getting into contact
with Mr ABRAHAM, or his descendants.

Best regards, Alexander Watson, Genas, Near Lyon France

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