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David Dubin <davidmdubin@...>

Hi all,
Thank you to all those who helped put together an answer to my
question. Ralph Baer amazingly remembered a source >from work he did 30
years ago, demonstrating that Sandela was not the mother of most of
Samuel's children.
The date that appears for the first wife's death (11 March 1673) in
many trees is wrong -- that is the date of a lawsuit brought against
Sandela as Samuel's wife (See Die Familie Berolzheimer in the leo
Baeck Institute, chapter 9 page 85), so the first wife died BEFORE
that date.
The best we can say is that Samuel's wife died before that date, her
name is unknown, and Sandela is not a grandmother of most of us who
thought she was.
Mr Baer is indeed grandson of hers, but with her first husband Moses
Abraham ASTRUC.

Happy New Year. David Dubin, Teaneck, NJ

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