Seeking Jews who survived, were hidden, or transited Bratislava in Holocaust #austria-czech


Tova Teitelbaum, nee Eckstein, was born in Bratislava in 1942. Her father,
Jonas Eckstein was a community leader who rescued scores of Jews, hid them,
and assisted them in escaping the Holocaust. The family moved to Australia
in 1948, and Tova now lives in Haifa, near me.

She is researching for a book about the struggle of Bratislava Jewry and her
father's role. She is seeking survivors, and descendants of survivors who
were sheltered by her father.

An article about her work appeared in the Jerusalem Post on August 31:

Tova can be contacted at: Teitel_J@..., or write to my address:
Bennett@... .

Jim Bennett

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