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Peter Lobbenberg

Dear GerSIGers

Albert ARENSBERG was born in Dransfeld, near Gottingen (O umlaut), on 19
December 1877. His parents were Rudolf ARENSBERG and his wife Sofie/Sophie
born ROSENFELDER. Albert and his wife emigrated to Palestine in 1936;
my 2nd cousin is his granddaughter.

A few days ago I came across a book called Die juedischen Buerger im Kreis
Goettingen 1993-1945 In it are short
biographies of Frieda ARENSBERG born 1875, also a child of Rudolf
and Sophie, and of Frieda's niece Hildegard DANNENBERG born ARENSBERG.
Frieda and Hildegard, together with Hildegard's husband and their three
daughters, succeeded in coming to England c1939. I have further
discovered that Stolpersteine have been laid in Dransfeld both for
Frieda and for Hildegard and her family.

Unfortunately the book does not name Hildegard's parents, but as her birth
name was ARENSBERG and she is described as Frieda's niece, it seems likely
that her father was a brother of Albert and Frieda.

Until now, neither my cousin nor I were aware that Albert had any siblings.
Naturally this is an exciting discovery for us. We're in course of tracing
Hildegard's living descendants; Frieda was single and had no children.

Research on the usual genealogical websites, newspaper archives etc has so
far been unsuccessful in identifying Hildegard's parents. Can any kind
member provide further information, or suggest local sources where enquiries
could be instigated?

Grateful thanks in advance for any help.

Peter Lobbenberg, London

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