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I am preparing an article for the Memorial Museum for euthanasia crimes
in Pirna-Sonnenstein. I am writing about the family FRISCH.

I try to reconstruct the life of the salesman Jakob FRISCH. He was born
in 1898 in Rozniatow (Russ.-Poland). His parents were:  Israel FRISCH and
Keyle REISS. He has a sister: Perl divored HILLMANN, married BERKOWITZ.

Since 1923 he was married with Rifka Regina KIRSCHEN (b. 1898 in Halicz,
Austr.-Poland). They married in Vienna.
Jakob and Rifka had two daughters: Erika (b. 1925) and Charlotte (b. 1928).

Jakob and Rifka FRISCH were divorced in 1938. Jakob was arrested in 1940
and brought into the concentration camp Sachsenhausen. He was killed in
1941 in Pirna-Sonnenstein. His former wife was killed before in
Sonnenstein. The daughters lived at last in Leipzig, >from where they
were deported in May, 1942 into the ghetto Belzyce.

I am looking for anybody, who knew the family FRISCH or could help me to
get more information about the life of bothers or sisters of Jakob or
Rifka. Dr. Friedel EICHHORN, b. GOLDHABER, was a nice of Jakob FRISCH.
She lived till her death in 2002 in Tel Aviv.

All advice and information are very welcome.
Thank you very much in advance!

Juergen Nitsche, Mittweida, Germany -

FRISCH - Rozniatow, Vienna, Chemnitz, Sachsenhausen, Leipzig
KIRSCHEN - Halicz, Vienna, Chemnitz, Hochweitzschen

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