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Mike Redel <redel.mike@...>

Dear gersigs,

I'm searching vor Arthur HEINZE. I don't know where he came from
but I have read that many Heinzes came >from Breslau.

Arthur HEINZE (Jewish) was married to Ottilie Haraschensk (nonjewish)
born 13.02.1880 in Johannisburg (Eastprussia). Both have had 3 sons.
Heinz was born 26.06.1912 in Unna, Hans was born 18.10.1916 in Unna
and Arthur was born 03.06.1919 in Unna.

Hans is missed in the II WW since 05.10.1945.

The life of them in Unna is not clear. Arthur (father) established a
store in Unna 1901 - nothing more! His son Heinz was the owner of this
store in 1946.

I think that the father died before 1939 because I could not find him
in the census 1939. Has anyone informations for me about this family?

Regards, Mike Redel, Unna - Germany

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