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Does anyone have a suggestion for finding information on Jews who
emigrated to Chile?

According to "Mapping the Lives," my mother's cousin, Albert KROTOSCHIN
(b. 14 MAY 1894, Berlin) emigrated >from Berlin to Chile on 5 Oct. 1939.

His wife and son, Kaethe SCHLESINGER KROTOSCHIN (b. 27 Aug. 1896,
Berlin) and Werner KROTOSCHIN (b. 8 Aug. 1924, Berlin) are listed with
him in the 1939 census, but there is no indication that they emigrated.

The JOWBR lists an Alberto KROTOSCHIN who died on 1 June 1948 in
Santiago, Chile, but does not list his birth date.

I don't see Kaethe or Werner listed in the JOWBR, nor at Yad Vashem,
nor in the records on Ancestry.

Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks very much.

Ruth Nadelman Lynn, Lexington, Mass. lynn33@...

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