German SIG #Germany ViewMate - Seeking Translation Help with my NEUMARK family vital records in Hessen #germany

Peter Dreifuss

I've posted two marriage records in German for which I need
translations. They on ViewMate at the following addresses:
(I am very interested in learning all genealogical information in this
1858 Marriage record >from Hessen. I eliminated irrelevant rows of
records >from this image. Index surnames: NEUMARK, LICHTENSTEIN; Town:
Hochstadt; Date of Image: 1858)
( I'm interested in genealogical information associated with this record
in first row- Index Surnames: STRAUS, NEUMARK, ADLER, OTTENSOSER, Towns:
Vollmarz, Lichenroth, Date of Image: 1875)

Please respond via the forms provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.

Pete Dreifuss, Watertown, Mass

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