German SIG #Germany Anniversary of three historical events of the 20 century #germany

Yvonne Stern

This week the world will remember three important historical events
of the 20 century.

The 80th anniversary of the Reichspogromnacht will be on November 9th, 2018.
Crystal Night was the catastrophe before the catastrophe.

During the November 1938 Pogroms in Germany and Austria, more than
1,400 synagogues, prayer rooms and other meeting rooms as well as
thousands of Jewish businesses,shops, apartments and cemeteries
were vandalized. This included my grandparents home at Otto Beckstrasse
in Mannheim. In the days following, approximately 30,000 Jews
were imprisoned in concentration camps where hundreds were murdered
or died as a result of their imprisonment.

51 years later, on November 9th 1989, the Berlin Wall came down.

This week, the world will celebrate the anniversary of that fall.
When access to East Germany returned 29 years ago, it opened a
new world for Jews with German roots. Since then, little by little,
we've regained access to data of our ancestors and the cities where
they had lived and the cemeteries where they were buried.

This Sunday, the world will celebrate the 100th anniversary of
the end to "The War to end all Wars".

On November 11, the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918,
Germany signed an armistice agreement with the Allies in
a railroad car outside Compiegne.

The First World War (1914 - 1918) left 9 million soldiers dead and
21 million wounded. About 100,000 Jews fought on the German side,
12,000 of them were killed in action including my uncle, barely
20 years old.

Yvonne Stern, Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

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