German SIG #Germany Recording the burial places of German Jewish soldiers killed in WWI #germany

E Feinstein

My name is Eric Feinstein and I am a volunteer for the JOWBR of JewishGen.
I have had the privilege of assisting JewishGen to increase the German
holdings in our collection >from some 25,000 records five or six years
ago to some 280,000 records now (including Germany and the German
records found under Poland-Prussia.)

Part of this project has been an effort to record German Jewish
military burials >from WWI. This effort started some three years ago.
We started with the RJF list and have used some 200-300 sources
to record the burial sites and fates of the German Jewish servicemen.
The RJF list was corrected for errors--as it included soldiers from
the French and K.u.K. armies and missing entries were added.

We have used cemetery records, archival research (many archives across
Germany have produced research projects documenting the fates of the
local Jewish soldiers on the 100th anniversary of WWI), memorial books,
regimental histories, and obituaries >from period newspapers >from Compact
Memory and other sources.

The result is 5300+ burial places for the 12,000 German Jewish soldiers.
The intent is to eventually upload everything in the Gersig Database
of Jewishgen and the burial places in their respective places in the
JOWBR. [JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry]

Note I also have a K.u.K. Jewish project for WWI soldiers but I have
spend much less time on it and there is no master list to work with.
For that I have a list of some 7800+ Jewish soldiers with about 4000
burial locations recorded.

Another note is that the website
has been broken for a long time and I tried to reach the owner of the
site without any success.

Anyone interested in this project can contact me directly.

All the best, Eric Feinstein, New Jersey <>

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