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Nicole Heymans

I am posting anew this message I posted in June. My laptop vanished in
a burglary a few weeks ago, and my mailboxes and address books are
unreadable, so please reply if interested even if you have already
done so. Also please note my new email address: nichey46@....

This message is to all researchers who have "Posen" (or Poznan) among
their ancestral dwellings. "Posen" may refer to Posen city or to
anywhere else in the region known over the centuries as the Grand
Duchy of Posen, Posen Province, or Wielkopolska.

Thanks to many volunteers, and also professional genealogists -
funded by your contributions to JRI-Poland - many Jewish records
from this region are already in JRI-Poland's growing database.
However, much still remains to be done.

Researchers with an interest in this region know of Madeleine
Okladek's long-time commitment to helping researchers with an
interest in towns in both the Poznan and Kalisz Archival areas. I
recently agreed to take over >from Madeleine as Poznan Archives
Coordinator for the main branch (PSA archive #53), where surviving
(mainly pre-1847) Jewish records are held. Madeleine remains Archive
Coordinator for the Konin and Pila sub branches of Poznan Archives
(#54), as well as the Kalisz Archives (#11) where many civil records
(post-1874) >from this region are held.

I am updating the database of "interested Poznan area researchers",
to help decide indexing priorities. So, if you have roots in this
region, please let me know your towns and time periods of interest.
Please also let me know if you have any records, lists or documents
to share about your ancestors' shtetl.

Please reply privately rather than to the list.

Nicole Heymans, near Brussels, Belgium nichey46@...

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