German SIG #Germany Site Cite: German Jewish WWI casualties #germany

Irene Newhouse

MOD NOTE: Eric Feinstein posted a message about German WW 1 casualties
to the GerSIG list on November 11, 2018. The message was reposted to
the JGDG (JewishGen list) on Dec. 28, 2018. Links to the SIG Archives
and to the separate JGDG Archives can be found at the lower left corner
of JewishGen's "List Manager" page: =======>

In addition to the sources Eric Feinstein has mentioned, there is a project
to create a searchable database of all German WWI casualties- those injured
as well as killed or missing. The search page is at:

Moderator Note: Read the search tips (Hier findet man Tipps für die Suche)
for help spelling names with umlaut vowels and esszet characters in the
search box. Other helpful information is also included.

Irene Newhouse, Kihei HI USA

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