German SIG #Germany Re: Need help to find the book: "Juden in Bedburg an der Erft" #germany

Christine Crawford-Oppenheimer

Steven Marc Jaron sjaron@... asked for help obtaining a copy of
a Jewish Community History book.
"Juden in Bedburg an der Erft" by Gerd Friedt.
This title isn't included in the
list of such books at the GerSIG Website:


It looks as if this book was self-published, so it may not be for sale
on sites like Amazon. Also, it was published in 1998, 20 years ago, so
it may be sold out. However, you might want to contact some of the
libraries listed on as owning this book to see if they
can give you the address >from which they ordered it. If you aren't
familiar with WorldCat, contact me and I'll give you information about
searching it.

Peace, Christine Crawford-Oppenheimer Hyde Park, NY christine3cats@...

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