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Irene Newhouse

I've posted the last item >from the souvenirs of my grandparents'
engagement in 1914 - a letter >from Dr. Clemens Neisser, a psychiatrist
who has wikipedia pages in German & Polish, but not English.
The words I can't read are either underlined in red or indicated
by arrows, if underlining would intersect part of the word.
I've included everything I could figure out. The item comprises
2 images with URLs:

There wasn't enough space to include the entire transcription
(to the extent I have it) with each image, so I divided it over
the text boxes for both images. Dr. N's penmanship is truly difficult
- after not looking at it a few days, I asked myself how on earth I'd
gotten as far as I had.

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much! Irene Newhouse, Kihei Hawaii USA

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