German SIG #Germany JewishGen offers Brick Walls or Dead End class Feb 9, 2019 #germany

Nancy Holden

For researchers who are at a standstill in their research and need new
ideas, JewishGen Education offers the popular class, Brick Wall or
Dead End, starting Feb 9, 2019 - February 28, 2019. Tuition $150
for three weeks.

Frustrated and at a Loss ? Are you at a Dead End or just experiencing
a Brick Wall? Are you stumped by a small detail or is there a major
avenue you can't get past?

Take a class to help review and analyze your data with an personal
instructor. If you feel you have you exhausted all approaches and
want new solutions, this class offers one-on-one mentoring in a
private educational Forum open 24/7.

Requirements: Students must have done enough research to have
reached a point where help is needed. Students should feel
comfortable with computers and Internet searches. Student need
to be will to send in an application. Details on the Education Page:
check Requirements & Course Details

If you have further questions, please email Nancy Holden,
Instruction Manager

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