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Yaron Wolfsthal

Dear GerSig members,
I just joined the group. A Computer Scientist by profession, a
beginner in genealogy research.

I am looking for information about the WOLFSTHAL family. The three
branches of the family that I know of are:

(1) The Musicians branch:
Including Chune WOLFSTHAL , Josef WOLFSTHAL , Bronislaw
WOLFSTHAL , and others. They lived in Ternopol, and other places.

(2) The Lwow branch:
Maxymilyan WOLFSTHAL's, whose compelling holocaust memoirs are in
USHMM, is a member of this branch.

(3) The Husiatyn branch:
Chaim Baruch WOLFSTHAL is one of the early ancestors of this branch.
Parts of this branch, including my ancestors, immigrated to
Israel before WW2 and thus survived WW2 horrors.

I have mapped in a fair level of detail the internal family
relationship within each of these branches, separately >from each
I have yet to discover how they connect together. Family folklore
indicates they are all connected. I am looking for help in uncovering
this connection.

A related question is the switching of some of them between the
surnames WOLFSTHAL and WOLFTHAL. As an example, I have an
Naturalization Application where one of the WOLFSTHAL musicians
identifies himself to the interviewing officer as WOLFTHAL known as
WOLFSTHAL. I wonder what is the meaning and significance of that.

Thank you --- Prof. Yaron WOLFSTHAL, Ben-Gurion University, Israel

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