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Dear gersigs,

I hope one of you can help me with this:

The newest Stolpersteine in Unna are for Franz, Wilhelmine, Herta,
Guenter and Margot DREIKE.

Franz was Born 24.09.1879 in Dortmund, Wilhelmine (no maiden Name)
30.04.1885 in Dortmund, Margot 26.09.1922 in Unna and 19.09.1924 in

Franz is non Jewish, Wilhelmine is half Jewish. What's happend with
Hertha? There is no entree for her in the 1939 census. They were not murdered
- when did they died, where could I find them? What is the maiden Name
of Wilhelmine DREIKE?

I am not sure, but I think there are different DREIKE families in
Dortmund. I have found a Franz Josef DREIKE who was Born 1910 in Dortmund.
Thanks for any help, Regards,

Mike Redel, Unna - Germany redel.mike@...

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