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Ellen Lukas Kahn


I am a member of Jewish Gen and have been researching our ancestors
and saving old documents and photos for over 40 years. I am in the
midst of trying to put together a Family History Book of our family
and ancestors, and am looking for recommendations as how to be cost
effective in publishing this book.

I am a senior citizen (81) living on social security. As of now, my
goal is to print limited numbers and distribute it only to children
and relatives since I cannot afford to pay the price of having it
published professionally.

My research information is compiled on Brothers Keeper and some is on
Family Tree Maker. Since all of our ancestors were born and lived in
Germany until the 1930s, I have traveled there three times and have
been able to obtain copies of many old documents, as well as photographs
saved by our parents and grandparents.

I would appreciate any suggestions for proven methods of reasonably
priced self-publishing, which would enable me to include selected
photos, documents, maps, as well as Ancestral and Descendant charts.

Ellen Lukas Kahn, Homewood, IL USA ellnkahn@...

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