German SIG #Germany Re: Treuchtlingen cemetery, including Berolzheim, Dittenheim, Weimersheim (was SCHOENWALTER) #germany

Reuven Mohr

Dear Lin Herz and list,

I have deciphered the burial register of the Treuchtlingen Jewish
cemetery, where also the communities of Berolzheim, Dittenheim,
Ellingen and Weimersheim buried their dead. The register usually gives
grave no., row, date of death. More details, like relationship to
others (father, husband/wife etc.) are available here and there. The
register was compiled around the 1930ies, when many stones in the
older part were already illegible.

There are 26 SCHOENWALTERs buried there. I'm not related.

I can check also other names for those interested.

Reuven Mohr, Israel <>

Lin Herz <> asked:
Can you help with the SCHOENWALTER family?

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