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Dear listmembers,

new to this list, I want to introduce myself.

My name is Dieter W.H. Schimmelpfennig, 67 years old, living in Northern
Germany near the Danish border.

I am doing genealogy for more than 25 years and I am an expert for the
former Kreis ( County ) Belgard-Schivelbein in Pomerania.

The reason why I am in this list is that I know nothing about one
important part of my family. I know nothing about my grandfather and his

This is what I have:

My grandmother Elfriede Ida Mathilde WUTZKE was born in 1893 as the
daughter of an evangelical-lutheran family in Wangerin, Kreis ( County )
Regenwalde, Pomerania / today Wegorzyno, Poland. In 1912 she worked for
the family of a Jewish salesman ( names unknown ) in Wangerin and became
pregnant. My father Harry Otto WUTZKE was born in 1913 not as usual in
those days at home or in the nearest hospital, but in a special hospital
in Stettin, the capital of Pomerania.

In 1920 she married Erich SCHIMMELPFENNIG, a bookprinter in the city of
Schivelbein / today Swidwin, Poland. He did not adopt my father but
allowed him to wear his familyname SCHIMMELPFENNIG. After that marriage
Erich SCHIMMELPFENNIG suddenly was the owner of a house and a shop in
the mains treet of Schivelbein. It was said "they bought Harry Otto a
father". In those days that was not unusual.

My father studied in Stettin. Than he went to Elbing / today Elblag,
Poland to learn to work as a teacher. In 1933 he should work as a
teacher for the first time. But now, because of the Nazis, he had to
confirm that he was "of german blood". So Erich SCHIMMELPFENNIG declared
in 1933, that he is "the real father" of Harry Otto and his son is "of
german blood". That is not really possible, because Erich S. was 15
years old, when my father was born.

Some years later my father had to become a soldier. When he came back in
1948 >from a Russian POW-Camp, the family was expelled >from Pomerania and
his mother and some other members of the family had died. Erich S. was
married again.

During the next years my father tried to find out the name of his real
father. He knew that his father was Jewish. The persons who knew
something about his father are either dead or not willing to talk about it.

I tried several years to find something about my grandfather without any
success. Last year I made 3 DNA-Testings ( myheritage, ancestry and
familytreedna ) and found out that I have between 20 % and 25 % (
differences between the providers ) ashkenazy DNA.

That is the point where I am. I have no idea what to do next.

Best wishes,

Dieter Schimmelpfennig, Northern Germany

Der Kreis Belgard-Schivelbein in Pommern

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