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Lin Herz

Hi GerSIG Friends,

I have recently found evidence proving there were 3 heretofore
unknown siblings of my grandfather who were born in Markt Berolzheim,
Bavaria, in the late 1800s.

I am trying to find the birth and death certificates of one of the
children, Sofi LEVI, born probably around 1890 to Mathilde LEVI geb.
HERZ and Leopold LEVI, and the death certificate of her brother, Isidor
LEVI, who was born in 1893. They and another previously known sibling,
Leo LEVI born in 1898 were never mentioned to my mother, born in 1925 by
her father or any of his siblings.

Isidor and Sofi appear on a list of Levi children >from Markt
Berolzheim sent to the Jewish orphanage in Fuerth in 1901 when their
mother, my great grandmother, died. Leo and Sofi also appear in a list
my grandfather made in 1926 of family members buried in the nearby
Jewish cemetery in Treuchtlingen. However, Sofi's birth and death
certificates are not in the registry office in Meinheim where the
volunteer archivist of Markt Berolzheim found Leo's birth and death
certificates for me recently.

The children could have died while living at the orphanage in Fuerth.
It's just strange they were never spoken of. And if two died at
the orphanage, it would seem that would have been a topic of discussion.
I'm not sure how long my grandfather was at the orphanage. My
mom was under the impression that they chose that one because of the
excellent Jewish school in the area. (My grandfather rejoined his family
but I'm not sure in what year, and came home for visits. )

Sincerely, Lin Herz Palm Bay, Florida

researching HERZ >from Markt Berolzheim; HERZ -Nuembrecht; Buehler -
Kleinerdlingen, Noerdlingen; ADLER- Markelsheim, Eberstadt;
HUMBERG - Klein Reken; SCHWARZ - Raesfeld; REINHEIMER-
Beerfelden, Georgensmuend; SIMON- Beerfelden; KAUFMANN- Eberstadt:
SELIGMANN- Crailsheim, Schwabish Hall; SCHWEIZER- Dernau, Waldorf,
LEVI- Waldorf; ROTHSCHILD- Eberstadt, Davenport, Iowa, Chicago
AUFFHAUSER- Ichenhausen, Markt Berolzheim; SCHOENWALTER- Berolzheim;

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