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Renee Klish \(G-Mail\)

Hello my Wonderful GerSig members. This is your friendly volunteer
coordinator, once more, searching for prospective indexers of records.
Thank you to all of you who have already offered to volunteer with us.

Projects are underway, ** but do not worry **, we have LOTS more of them.

Just to recap, I am looking for people to index birth, marriage and
death records >from towns in ** what is now ** eastern Germany.
At this time, we are not working on towns which have been incorporated
into Poland or other eastern countries.

** But fear not **, I have TWO other projects that may be of interest
to someone.

The first of these projects is to index resident listings in the
Wuerttemburg area. Some of the towns are as follows: Bad Buchau, Bad
Friedrichshall, Bonfeld, Buttenhausen, Creglingen, Esslingen,
Goeppingen, Haigerloch, Hechingen, Horkheim, Jebenhausen, Laupheim,
and others.

** If you are in any way interested ** please contact me.

The second project requires knowledge of ** French. We need people
to index surname adoption lists >from towns west of the Rhine. Again,
if interested, please contact me.

It is now officially summer, so enjoy it. I hope to see many of you in
Cleveland next month.

Thanks again to our current volunteers and thanks in advance to
prospective ones.

** Remember **, by helping us out in these indexing projects, you are
helping other members of this community. And, who knows what treasures
you may find in the records? They might just be the missing links in
your family tree. All the best,

Renee Klish, GerSIG Volunteer Coordinator

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