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Bess Taylor

Hello, GerSigs.

I'm new. I've been doing genealogical research for a few years. I
consider myself beginner-intermediate level.
I live in Corvallis, Oregon, USA. I'm planning to move to Kingston,
NY, USA in the near future.
My first language is English. I also understand, speak, read some Swedish.
My primary research goals right now (with respect to those of my
ancestors who lived in Germany and Prussia) are as follows:

To find out when Recha / Rebecca (KATZ) SEELIG (born in Nakel, lived
in Posen and Berlin) - my second great grandmother - died and her
cause of death

To find out the names of the parents of Michaelis Abraham KATZ (born
in Rogasen, lived in Posen, later Berlin) - my third great grandfather

To find out the names of the parents of Isaak SEELIG (born in Posen,
died in Posen) - my fourth great grandfather

To find out the names of the parents of Ernestina (MANNHEIM) SEELIG
(born in Kiszkowo, lived in Posen, died in Berlin) - my fourth great

To find out what the connection is between my great grandfather,
Ernest SEELIG (born in Posen, immigrated >from Berlin to NY), and his
relative, Helena CAROLINE (of Pompano Beach, FL, USA)

To find out what the relationship is between my known SEELIG
ancestors/relatives and Leopold SEELIG (of Berlin), who signed the
death certificates of most of these relatives

My JGFF Researcher ID number is 795888.

The family names and ancestral towns (with some additional info) that
I've entered in the JGFF are as follows:

SEELIG - Ernest, born in Posen, immigrated >from Berlin to New York, NY in 1908
SEELIG - Recha (KATZ) (Ernest's mother), born in Nakel, lived in
Posen, later Berlin
SEELIG - Emil (Ernest's father), born in Posen, later lived in Berlin
SEELIG - Otto (Ernest's brother), born in Posen, lived in Berlin
SEELIG - Franziska (LEMMEN) (Otto's wife)
SEELIG - Ernestina (MANNHEIM) (Emil's mother), born in Kiszkowo, lived in Posen
SEELIG - Isaak (Emil's father), of Posen, hotelier
KATZ - Goldina/Goldchen/Golda (BERLAK) (Recha's mother), born in
Posen, died in Berlin (Parents: Wolf BERLAK, Ernestine ZIELINSKI)
KATZ - Michaelis Abraham (Recha's father), born in Rogasen, lived in
Posen and Berlin
CAROLINE - Helena, a cousin of Ernest SEELIG, according to my maternal
grandmother, with whom Helena was in contact

Looking forward to possibly hearing >from you and connecting with relatives,

Bess Taylor, Corvallis, OR

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