German SIG #Germany Seeking information re: Jakob Michael HONIG and his family #germany

Joyce Eastman

I have recently received information regarding the death of Jakob Michael
HONIG in Kassel, Germany. His death notice stated that he died on 1/12/1915
at the age of 43 (which would mean he was born in 1872) and that he was born
in Brody, Poland to Abraham Josef HONIG and Scheindel WILDER (my paternal
great-grandparents). His son Abraham Josef HONIG was the person that
recorded his death (it appears that he was named after his grandfather).
The record of death also noted that Jakob Michael's father was a businessman
and was already deceased in 1915, and mentions the wife of Jakob Michael
HONIG as Anna Debora (Anna Debora BRIEFWECHSLER).

A record of their children's birth was found on JewishGen as follows:
Abraham Josef HONIG born 09/13/1989 in Treysa, Germany; Rosa HONIG , born
03/26/1900 in Treysa, Germany; and Pepi HONIG born 05/27/1896 also in
Treysa, Germany. I have not been able to find any more records regarding
Jakob Michael HONIG's birth and other events in his life (other than his age
at the time of his death as noted above).

I would like to find out more about the life of Jakob Michael HONIG as well
as that of his wife, Anna Debora BRIEFWECHSLER, and their family. Any
assistance you can provide would be most appreciated.

Joyce Eastman, Orange City, FL USA

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