German SIG #Germany Seeking ancestral birth certificate to obtain German citizenship #germany

Judith Berlowitz <jberlowitz331@...>

Dear SIGgers,

My distant relative (British) is currently in Berlin, studying for the
rabbinate. He is hoping to obtain German citizenship by proving that his
great-grandfather, Max PHILIPPSBORN (1880-1940), obtained German
citizenship for his son, William/Wilhelm/Willy PHILIPPSBORN (1910-1992),
son of Max's first wife, Recha FEIBEL (geb. DEUTSCHKRON). My
relative needs birth information for Willy. Both Max and Willy were
born in Bentschen, Posen, now Zbaszyn, Poland. (My relative's
grandfather, the son of Max and his second wife, Adelheid REISSNER, was
born in Seelow, Germany.)

Any leads to finding related documents will be appreciated.

Judith Berlowitz, San Francisco @judithb

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