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Alex Magocsi

I am attempting to put more details to information received via the
Arolsen Archives.
The purpose is to assist a cousin in understanding his Hungarian
Father'shistory as a forced laborer.

One of the documents received calls out his transfer in April 1941 to
"Ungvar, Arbeitskomp. 108/58" and then goes on to show where he
Since I assume that "Arbeitskomp" means Arbeitskompanie,
which translates roughly to Work Regiment, I also assume that
Uncle Alex was in Regiment 108/58.

Knowing that the Nazi'skept prodigious details, I assume that
there is information regarding specific forced work regiments.
Unfortunately I have yet to locate anything online that helps me

Can anyone provide some direction regarding details, German or English,
about this topic. Online?, Books?, University Thesis?, etc.

Thank you, Alex Magocsi awmjr@...

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