German SIG #Germany Does anyone use the genealogy websites I set up years ago or can I stop renewing them? #germany

Stephen Weinstein

I set up two websites with the word "competitive" in the link years
ago and stopped paying attention. One of the registrations is up for
renewal (it expires October 8, coincidentally Erev Yom Kippur) and I'm
not sure if anyone uses either of them, plus GoDaddy has made renewing
feel like dealing with the IRS (apologies to the IRS), so I'm inclined
to just abandon them.

[If you don't use any websites with the word "competitive" in the
link, then this e[-mail doesn't pertain to you and you can stop
reading now. I'm not providing the link here because there are issues
with whether promoting the websites on JewishGen groups is allowed;
today, I'm just trying to gather information >from existing users, if
there are any.]

To renew, in addition to paying a small amount of money, GoDaddy says
that I also have to agree to multiple really long agreements (terms of
service, privacy policy, data processing addendum, etc.) that I don't
really have time to read -- and it's not all reasonable stuff that you
can just accept without reading. You're allowing them to run up your
phone bill by telemarketing you, to auto-renew in future years at
whatever price they want, etc. So if someone needs my sites to remain
live, then I'm going to have to go through all the agreements to make
sure that I can live with everything that's in them (or switch to a
different company with more acceptable terms -- which could take me
even more time). If nobody's using them anyway, I can just let them
expire (or let one expire and sell the other's domain name).

I know no one is using the paid research services (because I haven't
gotten any money after the first year) or the competitive games that
involve contacting me (because no one has). The database of links to
Christine's Latvia pages is borderline useless, because so many of her
pages aren't online anymore, and because the content of her pages is
supposed to be on Jewishgen soon anyway. The database of links to
pages on the Latvian Archives website is potentially useful, but I
think that by putting the records on Jewishgen with links to the
Latvian Archives website, I've made my own websites redundant. That
basically leaves the noncompetitive practice games, which I don't
monitor, so I don't know if they're used (or even working).

Anyway, if I'm wrong and I have created a useful service, tell me soon.

Stephen Weinstein
Camarillo, CA, USA

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