German SIG #Germany Unusual phrases encountered in Heirarths-Akt documents #germany

Peter Straus


I have been working with a number of Standesamt documents >from the early
1800s, and have encountered some phrases in Heirarths-Akt (Marriage
Certification) documents that I can't satisfactorily translate >from online
translators, online searches, or my old Langenscheidt dictionary.

I'd appreciate any insights any of you can provide. These words and phrases
are based on my transcriptions of old German script, so there could also
easily be some transcription errors creeping in here too. The words and the
phrases in which they appear are:

1. The word or phrase "fetlasseugschein" (could be three words "fetlas seug
schein") in the phrase "Militaerypflichtigkeit laut dem aus vorgelegten und
wieder zurueckgegebenen fetlasseugsschein..."

2. The word "Ganzerbe" (one word) in the phrase "dessen daselbst ohne
besonderes Ganzerbe..." (followed by a date).

Anyone have any clues? Thanks,

Peter Straus, San Francisco, California

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