German SIG #Germany Help: LUSTIG Match / Researcher 23&Me #germany

Debby Gincig Painter

Three weeks ago, I got my results >from 23&Me. I matched up with JB
who was listed as a second cousin. I sent him a message but nothing
yet. According to his info, today he would be 95 years old. I am
worried that perhaps he is no longer with us or no longer on line.
I am hoping that perhaps someone else has already been in touch with
him in the past and that we too are related.

He was looking for LUSTIG >from Nowy Sacz.

I think that it might be incorrect that
we are second cousins as we are about 40 years about but who knows.
If you are familiar with JB searching Lustig and can help me contact
him or have his family tree info, please contact me privately.
It would be a very, very big break through for me. Thank you in advance,

Debby Painter, Michigan

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