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Corinna Woehrl (nee Goslar)

Dear fellow GerSIGgers,

as I contacted Selma personally with further information, I would like
to provide possible sources for fellow researchers looking for their
families in Bremen. Three online-databases are of interest:

1. Stolpersteine Bremen (stumbling-stones) - and many initiatives
throughout the country who voluntarily research the lives of former
Jewish community members and provide information online
Here a link to the Bremen database:

2. Grabstein-Datenbank via /, a
Germany-wide collection not only for jewish tombstones (there are many
other interesting databases, unfortunately all in German)

a) first select the city name (or region)
b) and then do a name research
(you may omit step a, but with common names you'll have a lot of
results) - in this case the name mentioned is documented with a slightly
different (but common) writing.

all databases (I haven't found an English access)

3. the databases of the genealogical society of Bremen, 'dieMaus'
- this database is not complete yet a good starting point
for further research for Bremen

then "Datensammlung"
they have a special database on Jewish Families called
Juedische Familien im Bremer Raum

There is only one specific genealogical Society for Jewish Family
History in Germany (in Hamburg) but many "general"
regional genealogical societies who mostly also know the local sources
and are more (or less) helpul if contacted. And a lot of academic
research is done on Jewish life and heritage - with a bit of research a
specialized historian may be found - mostly via academic publications.
Kind regards >from Germany

Corinna Woehrl (nee Goslar) D-22955 Hoisdorf (between Hamburg and Luebeck)

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