German SIG #Germany Re: Searching for my Grandmother Selma ZWIENITSKI's grave - FOUND! [GerSIG success story] #germany

Selma Sheridan

Dear researchers,

Heartfelt thanks to the many clever and generous people at GerSIG who
quickly found the answer to my question.

It was interesting to learn the variations in the spelling of my
grandmother's family name: 1- SWINIZKI - painted sign on family's
shop in Bremen, also in my mother's handwriting in
Personenbeschreibung, 1939 - ZWIENICK - surely a typo - in

ZWIENICKI - appears in most other documents 4 ZWIENITSKI probably a
transcription error.

Many thanks again to each and every researcher who sent stories,
documents, links, clues, a summary, even a photo of the gravestone
of my grandmother.

Selma Sheridan, Oswego NY <>

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