German SIG #Germany CORRECTION Re: Searching for fate of Ilona CYNOWER / CENNOVER / SYNOBER, etc. #germany

Selma Sheridan

Body of email contains error "Ilona HERSCHER" -- correct name is "Ilona
CENNOVER", as in subject line.
I apologize for any confusion my error may have caused for your diligent

Selma Sigal Sheridan, Oswego NY had written:

My grandmother, Jocheved BAUCHMANN SIGAL (born 1881, living in Vienna), had
an older sister, Cecelia BAUCHMANN, who married David CENNOVER (ZINOBER,
CYNOVER, CINOBER, etc.) in Budapest. They had three daughters. Anna
married Lipot RITTER; their descendants do not know the family history.
Sara married Mathias HERSCHER, and moved to Lens, France; they had three
daughters; no one survived the Holocaust. Ilona, the oldest unmarried
daughter, went >from Budapest to France about 1938 to help Sara with the
children, did not arrive and was never heard >from again. (My father,
Bernhard SIGAL, had fled Vienna in July 1938, the day before he was to be
sent to Dachau; his Vienna family was murdered.)

I assume that Ilona travelled by train some of the way, probably through
Austria, but whether via Germany or Switzerland after that I don't know.
Perhaps she was murdered in Hungary or anywhere on the possible routes.
Maybe she ended up in a totally different country. Maybe she married a
gentile and assumed a different identity, or got false papers with a new

So far, I have contacted authorities in Switzerland; searched JewishGen and
its SIGs (Hungary, France, Austria-Czech), Ancestry, Arolsen Archives,
Gesher Galicia, FamilySearch, YIVO; visited the Dohany synagogue archive in
Budapest (they refused to give me any information even though I had a
translator) and many archives in Vienna. I am new to GerSIG, and wonder if
there is a file for foreigners in transit, or if anyone in GerSIG has other
search ideas. Is it time for a professional genealogist - if so, any
suggestions? Many thanks!

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