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Jack Hubert

Hello German Sig Members. My name is Jack Hubert living in Queens New York.
I have been a member of Jewish Gen almost >from its inception. I still
consider myself as an amateur genealogist because there is always
something new to learn. My skills at the use of the internet are
intermediate. Sorry to say my German is poor.

I am tracing a part of the HUBERT family >from Cronheim Germany.
In particular the children of Bonfet HUBERT and his wife Fromet.
1. Abraham HUBERT born in Cronheim May 17, 1862. He passed 3/29/1926.
He married Lina STEIN born in Emetzhofen 12/2/1869. They lived in
Windsbach. He was a Hebrew teacher and a leader of the synagogue.
I have a copy of his obituary. Lina died in Therseinstadt in
June 1943. I cannot any children born >from this marriage. I have
sent E mails to Windsbach and have not received a reply.

2. Zilli HUBERT born in Cronheim Jan 24,1859. She married Alexander LANG
born in Treuchtlingen. I have no further info regarding children born
>from this marriage.
3. Regina HUBERT born in Cronheim Feb 18 1855. I have no further info.
4. Helena HUBERT born in Cronheim Mar 27, 1853. I have no further info
5. Loew HUBERT born in Cronheim May 11th 1847. I have no further info.

If any member of the group can advise me on how to continue my search
their assistance would be appreciated.

Before closing I wish to give special thanks to Peter Lobbenberg
a German Sig member in England whose info on Fanny HUBERT born
Oct 8 1850 gave me the clues which allowed me to locate the present
generation of Fanny's >from her arrival in the U.S. in 1866 and her
marriage to Moritz MILLER in the 1870's.

Jack Hubert, Queens, New York jackhubert01@...

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