German SIG #Germany Re: Was "Theis" ISRAEL, born 1610, Jewish? #germany

Gerhard Buck <gbuckidstein22@...>

The fastest way to solve this question is to look into the Church
Books of his birthplace Bassenheim, which were filmed by FamilySearch.
If you live outside Europe, you can read them online. For me in Europe
they are top secret. Do not ask me why. In some German regions they
are free, in others not.

Since father and daughter have the same second name (Israel), this
must be a family name. At that time, all the Jews in the small
localities had names according to the patronymic system. That lets me
think that the persons in question were Gentiles and you find them in
the Church Books. In a modern telephone directory you can find the
family name Israel in many places.

Quite often I ask myself, if I can trust the person who copied the
registers. Was he an expert of the German script in the 1600s? This is
totally different >from the one used in the 1800s.

Gerhard Buck, Idstein, Germany buckidstein@...

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