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Jack Hubert

Greetings to German Sig users and best wishes for a good Chanukah,
of most importance, a healthy and happy new year. My name is Jack Hubert
and I have been a member of Jewish Gen for many years. I am a user of
the internet, not an expert but enough to get by. I have received from
the archivist at Gunzenhausen information regarding the HUBERT family
For example, the daughters of Low HUBERT 1779-1852 born in Cronheim
Bavaria Germany and his wife Hindel born in 1777. Hanna, Rika and
Zilli. According to the info provided all three were born during
the years 1810-1817. Hanna married a man whose last name was WAHLHEIMER.
Hanna may be known as Helena. Rika married a man whose last name was STARK
. Ricka may be known as Rebecca, or Regina.
Zilli married a man whose last name was HERRMANN.
Zilli may be known as Lilli.
If any of the members of the German Sig within their family history have
a record of the marriage please advise.

Thanks Jack Hubert. <jackhubert01@...>

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