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Arlene Stein <dybuk@...>

Jenta LEMBIK, age 20, and Regina HANSMAN, age 7, arrived in NY on 3 Jan 1921.

They were "joining" Edward HANSMAN, 58 Rutgers St., Newark, NJ. He was
Jenta's uncle and Regina's father. The ship manifest shows that both of
them were born in Jaslav, Poland, and their nearest relative in "old
country" was Anna LEMBIK, Kaszemierze 116, Jaslav.

All of my LAMBEK family were >from Gorlice and/or neighboring shetls and I'd
like to believe that Jaslav is Jaslo located 14.6 miles >from Gorlice, but
I'm not certain because of the many possibilities offered by ShetlSeeker.

Does anyone know if Kaszemierze is the name of a street in Jaslo?

I think I'm the only one in the world researching LAMBEK and its spelling
variants, but is anyone familiar with HANSMAN?

Thanks for your help!

Arlene Lambeck Stein
Springfield, NJ

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