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Dear Fellow Galitzianers:

My grandfather, Abraham Juda RECHTER, was born in 1874 in Skole (near Stryj in
Galicia). He married Beila KLUGER, born in 1874 in Krakow, and they had six
sons: Mechel (Max), Hersch (Herman), Chaim Mozes (Maurits), Jacob, and the
twins Hillel and Salomon.

In the early 1900's, the family moved to Vienna. My grandfather had a
wholesale business in dried fruits and nuts. My father, Herman, as a young
man, emigrated to Holland, where he married my mother, Greta HAKKER. Three of
my father's brothers followed him to Holland. They were in the banking
business. When my grandfather died in 1938, grandmother Beila also went to
live in Holland. My brother and I were born in Holland and we went into
hiding during WW II.

Of the whole RECHTER family, my mother, brother and myself, and Salomon's son
Robert who, with his mother came to the US in 1938, were the only survivors of
the holocaust. Or, so we thought.....

Several months ago, in the Yizkor Book "Le-zekher kedoshe Skolah veha-seviva",
on a list of survivors, I found the name Aharon RECHTER. I wrote to him and
we have been exchanging as much information as possible. Unfortunately, there
is no evidence that we are related. In 1943 Aharon, at the age of 17, managed
to escape Skole, wound up in Switzerland and then went to Israel in 1945,
where he has his home. No one of his family in Skole survived. We are of the
same generation and wonder if maybe our grandfathers were brothers, or
cousins, or ???

I would like to get in touch with people, whose search is also taking them to
Skole. I have been told that most records of Skole have been destroyed. So,
where do you go >from there?

Antoinette (Toni) Rechter Gordy
Pleasant Hill, California

Searching: RECHTER - Skole; KLUGER - Krakow; JEROZOLIMSKI - Krakow

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