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IsraelP <p2o5rock@...>

Awhile ago, I asked the Polish National Archives in Warsaw what b,m,d
records they had for Zalosce and received a prompt reply.

I asked again for several other places and have not heard >from
them. Before I send a reminder, perhaps one of you knows. What
b,m,d records - which years - are available for Lysiec, Kalomyya,
Rohatyn, Skalat, Radautz, Uzhniya.

MODERATOR NOTE: Refer to Suzan Wynne's recently published book, Finding
Your Jewish Roots in Galicia: A Resource Guide, available >from Avotaynu,
Inc. She has listed the known records, available
at the time of publication, for towns in both Western and Eastern Galicia.
Although Eastern Galicia has been Ukraine since the end of WWI, many of
these records are in the Polish National Archives in Warsaw and/or the Lviv
Archives in Lviv, Ukraine. In her book, Suzan details how to write for
these records.

Thanx much.

Israel Pickholtz
Elazar, Gush Etzion, Israel

Researching PI(C)KHOL(T)Z/C anywhere - especially families
who changed their name or daughtered out

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