Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia Re: Obtaining Passports In Galicia 100 Years Ago #galicia


My questions are as follows:

1. What were the requirements in terms of documentation?
2. Other than a birth certificate, was additional proof of identity
3. If a person did not have a copy of their birth certificate was
there another type of document acceptable as a "proof of identity"?
4. Where did one go to apply for a passport?
5. How long did it take to receive a passport?
6. For what length of time was a passport valid?
7. What did it cost?
8. What type of rules and regulations were there?
9. If a Jewish individual wanted to change their surname in Galicia,
was this legally permitted?
10. And finally, if someone did not legally change their surname in
Galicia but chose the method of being "also known as" (a.k.a.)
for most of their adult lifetime, could they have shown papers
using their "a.k.a." as a form of documentation in applying for a

Michele V. Pomerantz
Secaucus, NJ

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