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Andreas Inhofner <A.Inhofner@...>

Dear Galician Sigger's,

1. first of all, best greetings >from Vienna, Austria!

2. I introduced my research by message "NUSSBAUM >from Brody" of 2/18/99.

3. I invite you to look to some of the Austrian web-sites -- in English
language also --which might be helpful for your further research:

3.1 "I don't know of anything more important than knowing this archive
exists. Far more people should know about it." Elias Canetti, Nobel
Prize Winner, about The Documentation Center of Austrian Resistance: themes: resistance and persecution, Holocaust and exile,
right-wing-extremism, etc. LinX to national and international

3.2 Oesterreichisches Staatsarchiv: click "family
research" and find explanations + links to gensearch in Austria and ---
Countries of Former Austria-Hungaria --- !!! + Index of Austrian
archives and libraries + -----> link to Institut of Historian Family

3.3 wienonline click "culture" for

Andreas Inhofner, Vienna, do not all reply to

MODERATOR NOTE: Wien is Vienna in German, thus wienonline is Vienna
Online. Let us know if you find anything of interest to the group.

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